Our Process

Our Nutrition Science specialist strongly believes that simplifying core concepts is key to establishing a solid foundation of healthy eating.

We start by examining your body for Height, Weight, BMI along with other parameters like blood tests, any signs & symptoms, etc. We also take a look at your existing diet and daily meal patterns, allergies, likes/dislikes, weekend binge-eatings, etc.

We are here to fix your diet and body nutrition, but this can be done only with the right diagnosis. Hence we use nutrition screening tools to help us formulate nutrition care with an evidence-based approach.

We then move on to setting realistic and achievable goals according to your capacity aligned by the line of treatment used in Nutrition Therapy.

A detailed diet plan is provided to achieve your goals. A brief discussion also takes place to guide you on how to follow the plan and achieve the set goals.

Knowing what you are eating and why along with how it benefits you is more important. It helps you become conscious about your food’s impact on your health and helps you make the right choices on a daily basis and even during special occasions.

Constant guidance is provided to make sure we are sticking to the plan to meet the set goals!

Expert Clinical Register Dietitian

Ms. Hetal Vyas , RD

Ms. Hetal Vyas has developed her expertise in the field of Nutrigenomics and biomedical nutrition, with a substantial amount of experience consulting with the best doctors in Mumbai and Hyderabad. Her experience has been developing for over 15 years.


Our Clients Say

Highly recommended!! Personally seen the effect in my thyroid levels by advised!! It was miraculous. All those suffering from lifestyle diseases and think they are a part of their lives now , please do visit her!!

Umang Kapoor

Dr. Hetal Vyaas has been my clinical nutritionist for quite some time now and I must say that she has been an absolute blessing for me. Her diabetes management and consultation have been of great help to me. She continuously follows up on my daily routine and medical nutrition therapy, which has helped me immensely in keeping my diabetes in check. I am really grateful to her for her support, guidance, and expertise in managing my condition.

Pooja Sharma

I am highly grateful to my dietitian Hetal Vyas . When I was hospitalized in ICU she was one who planned my RT feeds in icu took care of my complete Nutrition which helped for my faster recovery. Even after discharge she helped and counseled us for home RT feeds and transition to semisoft and regular diet .Her home RT plans were very easy to make and she planned in such way thst my protiens and all other nutrients were taken care .My recovery was faster and i very soon I started orally.
I would highly recommend her for any nutritional assistance.

Urvashi Solanki

I enjoyed my sessions with my nutritionist a lot and really appreciate the knowledge she has and the help she gave me for my daughters non stop stomach pain with no diagnosis after many test. She taught me to look at things in a more healthy way. She explained the things to my daughter in a wonderfulway. Now my daughter has no problem after her treatment.Thanks so much for her help

Monika Parab

Monika Parab

Dr Hetal is a wonderful Dietician.She is very focussed and having a vast knowledge about her work and her diets are do able . She is in tune with the medical world our health problems and how to overcome it by having a healthy diet. She is very caring and respects the condition of her clients we feel like we are her family. I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone with dietary restrictions, eating disorders, or just wanting to learn more about food and diets.

Shilpa Shukla

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